600x900 mobil 18k enamel sapphire sophie by sophie
Colourful creations don’t wait for an occasion

Are you ready to light up the dark?

My vision is to create playful jewellery that adds an edgy and modern twist to timeless pieces. My favourite gemstone is the vibrant green Chrysoprase, as beautiful as it is powerful, it’s also said to eliminate negativity and encourage boldness, just like I try to do. I hope you will enjoy my pieces and find the fun & flair in jewellery made for bold expressions.

- Sophie, Founder & Designer of Sophie by Sophie

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Flagship store

Welcome to our Flagship Store! We have finally opened our flagship store at Nordiska Kompaniet (NK) in Stockholm. A green velvet jewellery box filled with the latest news, exclusive fine diamond pieces, Limited Editions and beautiful gifts. Come visit us!

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